Life Saber Vaporizer


The Life Saber Vaporizer -or LSV is fabricated in Colorado by the same guys behind the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha Vaporizers.

Compact and lightweight, the LSV took 2 years of continuous research and development. The vaporizer can be used in two different ways and it is fabricated with the same high quality components used for their table top vaporizers. Vape connoisseurs can expect superlative vapor quality from this multipurpose unit thanks to its all-glass path. The Life Saber Vaporizer can be used as a handheld vaporizer, with the included glass transfer wand, or mounted onto your favorite water pipe: very few vaporizer have the ability to process vapor through water as successfully as the Life Saber Vaporizer.


Simple to operate and much more efficient than other handheld vaporizers, the Life Saber Vaporizer is amazingly tough: its housing is made of 100% ionized aluminum with holes drilled by hand. A steel knob allows the user to digitally adjust the temperature that ranges between 93˚C and 250˚C. The heating element is high-quality ceramic surrounded by a glass bowl, which extends from the top of the metal case down to the bottom of the heating element. The glass bowl has a ground joint on one end to lodge the Pyrex Glass Transfer Wand attachment included. The wand attachment extends approximately 23 cm and fits comfortably in the down-stem hole of any water pipe with the attachment sold separately.

What comes with your LSV:

  • Life Saber Vaporizer (Silver)
  • Power Cord
  • Pyrex Transfer Wand
  • Handmade Glass Marble Pick
  • Padded Travel Bag

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