Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0


The Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 by Arizer (Latest Model with All-Glass Mini Whip) is one of the most versatile table top vaporizers in the world. This hybrid digital vaporizer is in fact one of the only unit that can be utilized as a ballon-style device, as a whip-style or a direct draw mini-whip, a steamer, an aromatherapy device, a potpourri warmer and essential oil diffuser. This table top vaporizer uses a convection vaporizing system to effectively vaporize plant material as well as concentrates.


Stealthy and of solid built, the Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0, features ceramic heating elements easily controlled through the digital display, allowing the user to select the vaporizing temperature with incredible precision. The multi-speed fan allows you to change the density/richness of the vapor to achieve a cool, smooth, tasty vapor.
The Extreme Q dual wall stainless steel housing is shaped as a cylindrical cone in order to reduce internal heat and keep the device as cool as possible. In case you forget to power off your vape, the auto-shut off feature will avoid overheating.

Rated as some of the best chamber bowls on the market, the patented upright Cyclone Bowl is the key element of the Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0. The vertical bowl –made of lab grade glass and fitted with a rubber stopper– allows air to be distributed evenly and efficiently, releasing the full flavor of your material. A swivel elbow element is attached to the Cyclone Bowl so that the whole whip is free to rotate at 360 degrees, making this unit a social table top vaporizer.

Designed and built in Canada, the Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 comes equipped with all the attachments you can possibly need: a long whip, which is food/medical grade tubing, as well as a short whip. A detachable ballon system that give you freedom of movement and a ‘must have’ for groups. A remote control that gives users complete control of the unit: Power On/Off, 3 Speed Fan, Timer, Temperatures and more.

The latest 2014 edition has seen over 27 major improvements over its predecessors and this new model 4.0 is now backed up by a full 3 year warranty.
The device takes advantage of a quieter fan, a new smaller heater cover and ceramic heating elements, a clearer LCD, redesigned motherboard for more accurate temperature control and efficient vaporization and 50% more energy efficiency.

Included in the box:

  •     1pc Extreme Q Vaporizer (Latest Model with All-Glass Mini Whip)
  •     1pc Remote Control
  •     2pcs Glass Cyclone Bowls with Flat Screens
  •     1pc Long Whip for Direct Draw (3′ Whip Tubing, Glass Whip Mouthpiece, Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen)
  •     1pc All Glass Mini Whip (2pcs Balloons, 2pcs Mouthpieces)
  •     1pc Glass Stir Tool
  •     1pc Screen Pack (Flat Screen, Dome Screen)
  •     1pc Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  •     1pc Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
  •     1pc 110/220V Power Supply
  •     User Manual

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